No Walk In The Park

This weeks prompt for Sunday Scribblings is "A Walk In the Park". Here's my contribution...

A week from tomorrow my husband is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery. He is dreading it, understandably. His left knee was injured in an accident on an oil rig thirty four years ago when he jumped from a catwalk to avoid a falling piece of heavy metal. He landed on his feet, but his body twisted, wrenching the knee. At that time he had the option of surgery or physical therapy but he had a family to feed, so chose physical therapy and was back on the job within a month.

The knee didn't heal correctly and has gotten progressively worse over the years. His lower leg is bent and juts out to the side so that his knees nearly touch together when he walks. Along with being disfiguring, this affects his gait, and causes strain on his hip, back, and ankle. Everything is out of proper alignment. Couple this with the fact that he works nine hours a day standing at a counter in the truck accessories store where he has worked for nearly 30 years, and you get the picture of the pain he endures. It is long since time to get this taken care of!

We like the orthopedic surgeon who will be performing the procedure. He was recommended by the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital whose wife had her knee replaced by him. The surgeon made it clear that there will be pain involved, but it will be manageable. The daily physical therapy required after surgery won't be much fun either. But there are positives... his boss has been great about working with him to schedule the required time off - estimated at 6 to 8 weeks, and my supervisor has also been supportive regarding me taking days off to be with him at the hospital and flexing my work schedule as needed to transport him to and from physical therapy, since we live 15 miles from town and he won't be allowed to drive.

Today, a week in advance of the surgery, my husband is to discontinue taking the Plavix which prevents blood clots from forming in the two end-to-end stents that were placed in his artery following a heart attack in 2008. That adds a little extra anxiety, but it is essential to controlling bleeding during and after the surgery. I anticipate that he'll also be a little grumpy from dealing with the pain and restless with "cabin fever" from not being at work everyday. As soon as he is moving about freely, he may be able to sit in the office to answer phones and place orders, which would make him feel much better and be a big help at work.

The coming weeks definitely aren't going to be a walk in the park for us. My husband has heard many knee replacement surgery stories, both good and bad, from well meaning friends. I am not looking forward to it either... seeing my husband in pain tears my heart out; but he is strong and determined to follow thru with the therapy. I know that a few months from now when he is at long last able to stand and walk without pain, we will be so glad that he got it done! Please keep him in your prayers for healing.

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