Memories on Mondays

"Memories on Mondays" - a new creative writing prompt and a place to share our memories!

For all of us, memories are a mixed bag of the good times and sad times in our lives, stories just waiting to be written! The concept of this meme is write about any memory from our past. It can be something you remember from when you were growing up, or an event that happened as recently as yesterday.

I will post a reminder each week on Monday, with a new Mr. Linky for you to share what you've written. You can add your post anytime during the week, it doesn't have to be on Monday. You are also welcome to share a link to any memory you've posted on your blog in the past.

Be sure to come by Memories on Mondays and visit the links listed... read what other writers are sharing from their past!


  1. Love the idea, may just have to give it a try. Hugs.

  2. Love the idea too. I'll check the link later, and look for your reminder next week!

  3. i just may have to jump in as well my soul sistah -- but hey- where's yours? :))

    it's soooo good to see you around my place so often... you just don't know - i've missed ya!!! happy to have ya back!!!

    (along with your words of wisdom)


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