Disembodied Voices

This week's Sunday Scribblings writing prompt is the word "invisible". Here's my story...

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy watching "Ghost Adventures" and "Ghost Hunters" on tv. While the "evidence" presented is sometimes a little hazy, no pun intended, the stories are fascinating and one can't help but imagine all kinds of disembodied souls lurking in some of the decrepit buildings they investigate.

We have a ghost, or two or three, of our own at home too. You can read about one of them in my post "The Ghostlight Was Shining." My husband and I also notice the scent of cut tobacco in our bedroom now and then. That used to happen in one of the rooms of the house where I lived with my ex-husband too, so maybe this guy came along with me. In addition, one or the other of us will ocassionally feel someone sit down on the bed when we are laying there alone. Neither of us have ever had anything but a good feeling about our ghostly visitors, no negative vibes, so they are welcome in our home.

Recently our experiences with disembodied souls reached a new level. My husband came home from work one night and reported that as he was locking up the shop after work at night time, he was in the office getting ready to set the alarm and he distinctly heard the muffled sound of two boys playing and laughing behind him, as if they were running across the room. It startled him since he was in the building alone. He turned quickly around, but no one was there. He even opened up the back door of the office leading outside to make sure that no neighborhood kids were inside the fenced and gated lot. None to be found. He said it made the hair on his arms stand up! When he told his boss about it, his boss said that one night as he was closing he heard the sound of a rock being tossed against the outside wall. He unlocked the door and looked out, but no one was there. Just then, with the door still open, he heard the sound again, but there was no one tossing rocks and no rocks by the wall.

Then, just a couple weeks ago, my husband was driving a customer's truck around to the back of the shop to have work done on it. He was startled when he distinctly heard two people having a conversation in the rear seat behind him. Looking in the rear view mirror, he ascertained that no one was physically there. I swear he isn't loosing his mind, he's more skeptical of such things than I am, and would love to find another explanation for the voices he's been hearing,
though we both smile at the thought of ghostly visitors keeping him company at work. I told him that maybe he is more in tune to such things than he used to be.

I have long believed that those we love who cross over to the spirit world are able to visit us and guide us, and sometimes remain near us. Although they are invisible to our human eyes, we are never as far apart as it feels, we are never truly alone. For me, that is a good feeling. I know that the bonds of love are so strong that they transcend the power of death. When it comes my time to cross over, I hope that I'll be able to make contact with my children and people I care about, maybe sit on the edge of the bed now and then and let them know that I am ever near them.

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  1. What a great post this is. It is believable and at the same time creepy. I wonder whether if these appearances by sound, movement or even sighting are spurred on by our own receptiveness, intentional or not. Is it our need for contact that creates in us the evidence to give us hope?

  2. I loved this story. I've had my own experiences with such things, and have a strong belief in life after death. I'm glad it is a non-threatening experience for you both. Nice writing!

  3. I've been a sceptic for most of my life but have had a few experiences in the past few years that have opened my mind a bit.

  4. I always love hearing the tales of your visitors, jos. I have a tale or two that I have never written about, it's one of those deals where I know it happened but when I see it on paper, it's hard for even me to believe.

    Good luck and prayers from me on John's surgery today. I am sure he will be just fine and up dancing very soon. :)

    Hugs, honey.

  5. Really cool! And yes, same as Jamie said, good luck with the surgery...

  6. Hello oldegg, thank you for dropping by! I think that we do create an attitude of receptiveness within ourselves to such things, and certainly some folks are more receptive than others. But in our case it is not so much the desire that creates the supernatural activity. It seems to occur with no thought of it on our own. When it comes to hearing unexplained voices, I think I'd rather not! :-)

  7. Thank you Nita Jo! I share your beliefs, and find it comforting to think that we are not separated by great distances after death. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

  8. For some unknown reason I've always been a believer, Loz, but had not any actual encounters until the scent of tobacco followed me home from the reservation when I visited there, and continues to reappear now and then. I had to smile when my husband noticed the same unexplained smell in our bedroom without me ever having told him anything about it!

  9. I know how that is, Jamie. I've had folks question the validity of more than one tale I've told on my blog. But for me it doesn't matter, I know what happened, and that's what I write. Often truth is stranger than fiction! :-)

    My husband's surgery went well today. He is on heavy pain meds and sleeping now as I keep him company in his hospital room. It is the rehab part that will not be fun, but the end result will be so worth it!

  10. Thanks JY! I really appreciate all the good thoughts coming this way!

  11. Brief indeed, LastStand, but so very true to form! :-)


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