Brighten My Day

My Thursday Thirteen list today was inspired by the realization of how it is the little things, the little acts of pleasantry and kindness, that add so much to our lives. Here are thirteen of the many things that never fail to brighten my day (in no particular order)...
  1. Little love note texts from my husband via his cellphone at unexpected moments thru the day.
  2. A bit of friendly conversation with the servers at fastfood restaurant windows, acknowledging that we see each other on a regular basis.
  3. Post-It-Notes with endearments left for me to find after my daughter comes to visit.
  4. The wonderful sound of my son's voice saying "Hi Mom" when he calls on the phone.
  5. One pretty flower in a vase appearing magically on my desk.
  6. Getting my nails painted and embellished with artistic designs.
  7. My furkids watching for me in the window when I arrive home and running to greet me at the door.
  8. Thoughtful, supportive comments in response to my blog posts.
  9. A gift of chocolate... any kind... any time... any place.
  10. A song playing on the radio that triggers good memories of times gone by.
  11. Having something new and brightly colored to wear.
  12. A well-mannered young person who stops to hold a door for me.
  13. A beautiful painted-sky sunset on the drive home from work.
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  1. Lovely list.

    Two items on my list... when someone takes the time to go back through my blogs an comment. Connecting with a blog friend and knowing -- they get me; I get them and friendship awakens :)

    Thank you!

  2. Perfect list.

    Isn't it just plain wonderful to be loved by our kids, our sig others?

    Happy Friday, buddy. Hugs. :)

  3. Why am I singing "These are a Few of My Favorite Things" as I read this? Delightful list.

  4. Such nice warm and fuzzy feelings from reading this list.

  5. Can't claim to be well mannered, or even young anymore, but I always hold the door for a lady.


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