A Valentine For My Love

This is my contribution to this week's edition of Memories on Mondays...

When my husband was fifteen he tattooed a "J", his initial, on his forearm. It was a home-done effort and not something he was terribly proud of in later years as a grown man. When I met him he'd been carrying around an illustration of this eagle - his dream cover up tattoo - in his billfold for a long time. He's very patriotic so the design suited him perfectly.

I decided that having it done would make the perfect Valentine gift. We checked out several of the tat shops in town, looked at some of their work, and decided on the place we felt did the most professional work, and ran the cleanest shop.

Watching the tattoo in progress that Saturday afternoon in February remains a fun memory for us both, since this was my husband's first real tattoo experience, while I have several tats of my own and knew what to expect. We laughed and visited while the artist worked, and we were both so very pleased with the end result and the way he translated the small illustration into a vivid forearm-sized work of art. As you can see, the eagle appears to be tearing its way out of his forearm.

The crude J tattoo is visible no more, and the eagle has become my husband's badge of honor. Three years later the image remains sharp and the colors have stayed amazingly bright. Literally dozens of people from the guys at his lodge, to customers that come into his store, to teen girls working the counter at fast-food places, have noticed it and commented on how great it looks. There is nothing more fun than having someone admire your tat!

I love it, and he loves it even more! I tell him that now that I have had him permanently branded in ink, he is mine for keeps. He doesn't have a problem with that. :-)

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  1. Dear Josie,

    A lovely memory. But I seem to have a different view about tattoos. Although this was a kind of tradition in India many ages ago (you will find very old women in the villages here having tattoos on their arms and hands)I still believe that we must not meddle with our bodies (yes, and that includes cosmetic surgery) unless it is a grave necessity.

    Nice write-up Josie.

  2. Ok -- so I am tat free for no other reason than I am tat free. My youngest has a tat on her ribcage (side) Live. Love. Laugh -- and the infinity sign.

    I do love your write up -- and the 'memory' is beautiful.

    Very cool -- and it is a beautiful tat.

  3. I don't think you could find a more perfect gift to give.

  4. G'Day JTS, I am not in the Memories on Monday list this week but dropped in to see what your people have to write about.Mmm Tatts. I don't have any but my baby girl sure does and I nearly died of shock the first time I saw it. OMG!. It is an angel with devils horns & wings. How appropriate. Haha. It is quite a good tatt....after I got used to the idea.


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