The Return of JTS

Yes, I'm back... JTS is alive and kicking! I've returned under the pen name that I adopted about four years ago. It's risky because I want this blog to remain public if possible, but Josie is who I am. The other pseudonym just wasn't me and it felt strange using it.

Those who remember me from my previous blog will probably also remember that I chose the last name of two shoes because it marked the time when I finally set out to recover my own life and began standing on my own two feet again. Somehow Josie two feet just didn't seem to have the same aesthetic effect. :-)

I've been on a blogging hiatus for exactly a year, not intentionally, but because I've been pretty much overwhelmed just by the ups and downs of daily living and often come home from work too tired to think at night. But I miss writing, and I miss sharing with my blog friends. So today begins yet another foray into the world of spreading words and thoughts across the page for all to see. Hopefully they won't fall into the wrong hands. But oh well, you only live once and I can't life my life in the shadow of "what if".

Feel free to refer to me here as JTS or Josie or whatever suits you best... as long as it's something nice. :-) Please drop by again and often, and share your comments on my posts. I write because I must... I have a deep need to document my thoughts and feelings. Writing is both my passion and my best form of self-therapy. I share because I love to experience the interaction. The friends I've met thru blogging have enhanced my life in ways they can't even imagine.

I plan to post regularly, but I won't promise daily. I've long since learned that any such commitments usually begin to feel repressive after awhile. The gypsy spirit within me loves best to be free, and to go with the flow of life as it is laid out for us.

I move into the year two thousand eleven with high anticipation for a good year and with plans to do all I can to bring a few smiles to others who journey with me on this path we call life. May God bless us one and all!


  1. Welcome back Josie, it's wonderful to see you again!

    Wishing you all the best in the new year.

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  2. Welcome Back Josie! I have really MISSED reading your beautiful renderings of your daily life, the lives of your fur-kids and the confirmation of the happiness you so deeply deserved but eluded you for quite some time until this beautiful man entered your life. When I think of the saying "Dreams do come true", it makes me think of you. Big 'welcome back' hugs dear friend and keep these beautiful posts coming.

  3. Hi Josie,

    I discovered you before you went private. Nice to have your back!

  4. Well hello Josie, finally we meet!!
    I know that your blog (and you) played a very important part in the life of the Lozster. When I told him you'd stopped by my blog he was completely delighted. And as I read your first 2 posts I too felt as through I had reconnected with a lost friend.
    Please keep in touch.

  5. And welcome back from me too dear friend. You helped see me through some hard times a few years back (is it really that long ago?). I look forward to keeping in touch with you again.

  6. It was wonderful to see that you stopped by my blog and to know that you are blogging again.

  7. What pure delight to greet old friends and new ones here on the first day of the year!! I smiled broadly every time I was alerted to a new comment being posted. My friends are alive and well in Blogland and all is well in my world! Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment!

  8. Welcome Reinsey! I do treasure Loz's friendship as a fellow blogger! We met thru our respective blogs at a time when both of us were going thru pretty rough times following divorce and readjusting to the changes in our lives. I've always admired Loz's complete honesty and openness, not one to back away from tackling difficult subjects. Recently he's helped me more than he realizes to keep a balanced perspective on the collapse of my daughter's marriage. I know there is two sides to everything. Loz is clearly one of the good guys and all he shares about you assures me that you have brought new happiness to his life! I followed his link to your blog about the new house and am eager to watch it be built and to get to know you better as the project unfolds. Thank you for stopping by to say hi! :-)

  9. There you are... stopping in to say "Hi" and welcome back to blogland... I know,,, no promises...but yeah it'll be fun to have the gang back together again!


Your comments are always appreciated... they make me smile! :-)