Vacation Notes

We are on the road home from the mountains. My Thursday Thirteen for today is a list of notes from our vacation...

1. My husband is more organized and efficient at packing than anyone I’ve ever known. It is wise to be ready to go, as your things will be packed and loaded regardless. :-)

2. Living without watches, alarm clocks and schedules feels great! Kicking back on the front porch is awesome!
3. Food eaten outside tastes twice as good, and even better if it is cooked over an open fire. Breakfast on the back deck under a canopy of tall pines is a wonderful way to start the day!

4. Deer, elk and moose lose their antlers every spring and regrow them in the fall. Each year their antlers grow larger.
5. Fort Stanton has been home to an incredible assortment of occupants thru the years… Col. Kit Carson, Buffalo Soldiers, German POW’s, merchant marines, tuberculosis patients, individuals with developmental disabilities, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and convicted felons. With over 80 buildings, most of them now in a state of disrepair, the grounds are still beautiful. The sense of spiritual presence is everywhere.

6. Visiting the local tribal casino is a sure way to support the tribal economy. It is not a fast road to fortune, but it is fun.

7. The tin cups and plates used for feeding cowboys on old-time cattle drives keep hot food incredibly hot and cold drinks amazingly cold! The Flying J Ranch chuck-wagon style barbeque we ate Wednesday night was delicious!

8. No matter how proud you are of your pistachio farm business, erecting a 30 foot statue of a pistachio, complete with lighting and a bronze plaque is just plain nuts. :-)

9. The road from Alamogordo to Cloudcroft increases over 5000 feet in elevation in under 20 miles. The view is breathtaking, but winding mountain roads make me dizzy.

10. Knotty pine floors and ceilings are warm and beautiful, every house should have them.

11. Whirlpool tubs are wonderful for relieving aches and pains. I want one at home.
12. Mountain village shops cater to tourists with money. While it is fun to look, I have no desire to buy. Instead I am coming home with a small Western style cross decorated with pheasant feathers, and a tiny carved stone box to hold my rings. My husband chose a new cowboy hat to wear at his Masonic Lodge meetings. It looks great on him!
13. My favorite vacation memory is of my husband picking a bouquet of brightly colored wildflowers for me, finding nine different varieties within a few feet of where we were sitting in the forest. He took the photo below so I can remember them always. Romance is not just for kids. :-)

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  1. i m learnin from ur experiences and for sure food cooked outside in open fire has a taste like no other!

    simply wow :)

    Truly Trying Thursday

  2. I've just caught up on your last few posts Soph and I have to does my heart good to hear of two people who are so blissfully happy. I was sorry to hear about your arm and hope it's better now but even that couldn't ruin your time together.

    It makes one think there is hope for all of us.

  3. Lovely. So glad you have someone to share all of this bounty of happiness with.

  4. What a lovely blink at bliss.

    p.s. I love the pistachio monument!

  5. HiDesi! My past experiences are probably more a lesson in what not to do, but it is working out much better these days, and I am happy that you come to read. Yes,food cooked outdoors is the very best!

  6. Dearest KayDee, there is always hope, though I never would have believed that. It is wonderful how we just enjoy our time together no matter what we are doing. It is the companionship that makes it special! My wrist still hurts me, but I know it will heal. I am just impatient when it comes to things that limit me!

  7. Hi Cheryl, it is having John to share these experiences with that makes them fun! He is my ever-present reminder of how very blessed I am, and also to treasure each and every moment shared. It was indeed a lovely vacation!

  8. Thanks Maddy! I really didn't believe in love anymore... until now! I got a big kick out of that giant pistachio nut - absurdly funny in a cute sort of way. I see it now as a landmark in future travel guides... "visit the giant pistachio, have your picture taken next to it!" :-)

  9. That sounds like a marvelous holiday you had, despite the accident. Thanks for sharing those 13 bits to it. I especially love the wild flower collection and how you were given them. I bet there are lots of ghosts and stories at that fort, and those cabins are great.
    In Australia we seem to have a penchant for big things, a lobster, a pineapple, a banana, a merino, a prawn, an olive to name a few. He he. Well, I guess it draws attention. :)

  10. Your bouquet is lovely and what a nice vacation! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. Hi Linda! It was indeed a marvelous vacation! I've never seen so many pretty wildflowers together, made precious by the big "bear paw" hand collecting them! Yes, I also thought of how many ghosts and stories Ft. Stanton is home to. Nights there might be a bit spooky! The cabin we stayed in was adorable, cozy and very nice! A giant olive huh? Too funny! :-)

  12. Hello Mitchypoo! Wasn't that a pretty bouquet of flowers? Better than any fancy one I've ever received from a florist shop! Our vacation was so relaxing - no schedules, no stress, just enjoying each other. We need more of that!

  13. what a beautiful vacation spot!!!

  14. Oh Janet, it truly was a beautiful, peaceful place. Cool mountain air scented with pine and lots of green everywhere. It is 106 here at home today,and I really miss being there. :-(

  15. The wildflowers are absolutely gorgeous. Oh, how romantic!

    The giant pistachio really cracked me up. We have a giant banana and pineapple in Australia. Every time I see them I think : 'Who in their right mind would put that there?' It is hilarious!

  16. The wildflowers were indeed a romantic gift, Selma. If you could have watching him searching diligently for a variety of colors and open blooms! It really touched my heart. John takes pleasure in the little things, just as I do.

    I totally agree on the giant art forms, they are so absurd they are funny. I guess they get our attention, and that's what the owner is after, but still - I wouldn't be very happy if one of these "beauties" was located near my house. A giant cat, now maybe that would be cool! :-)

  17. My favorite kinds of flowers. Beautiful.

  18. My favorite kinds of flowers. Beautiful.

  19. Youre right Kristi, far more special than anything the florist could send!


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