The Colors of My Life

Thursday is nearly over and this is the first quiet moment I've had to sit down and write today, so I'll make this week's Thursday Thirteen short and sweet - a list of the colors that paint my world, and what images each of them brings to mind...
1. Yellow - One of my favorite colors, representative of all things bright and sunny. I love yellow rosesand lemon meringue pie.
2. Red - Not a color I often choose or wear - too bold, too intense, too much blood and suffering. Red looks good on strawberries, geraniums and fire engines!
3. Blue - My husband's favorite color and the color of his eyes. Many of the walls in our house are painted a shade of sky blue and we love it - cool and calming.
4. Green - Speaks to me of growth and life, and lush green places that I'd rather be. Green is the color of living in harmony with the earth. It is also the color of money - the obsession of many.
5. Orange - When I was younger I loved this color paired with yellow - citrus and summery. Orange is beautiful on tiger lilies and of course on sweet juicy oranges themselves. It is also the color of autumn and Halloween pumpkins- John carves the most amazing jack o'lanterns!
6. Purple - My most favored color in it's deepest, royal hue. Amethyst is my birthstone, and I wear it every day. It is the color which most speaks to my soul. If purple is one of the options when I am shopping, it is most certainly the one I will choose. Purple is the color of lilacs (also my favorite scent), irises, and brightly painted pansies. I would love to own a purple truck! :-)
7. Turquoise - When I was young, my mother painted my bedroom this color at my request - a pastel shade of aqua that I loved. If I shut my eyes I can still see it. In this part of the country, turquoise stone is almost a jewelry staple, but not one of my favorites. Maybe if I was a native to the Southwest I would like it more.
8. Brown - Warm and comforting - another autumn color that hints of Thanksgiving and good things to eat! A lovely skin hue that I wish was mine. (What do they call this pukey pink/tan/white shade I am covered in anyway?) Of course for me, brown conjures up images, flavors and the scent of rich chocolate in any form - my addiction. :-)
9. Pink - For the most part too girlie for me, though pink roses and bright pink Stargazer lilies are an exception. My mother loved pink, it covered her kitchen walls and windows, and the hall bathroom tile and carpeting. This sink was pink, the commode was pink, the towels were pink. Pink peppermints were her favorite - enough said. I do occasionally buy something pastel pink to wear, because I like it with my brown (well used to be brown) hair.
10. White - The total sum of all colors, purity and light. White is the color of spirituality, angel wings, and clouds in the sky. White is the color of winter and soft, fluffy snow which we rarely see here. I miss it at Christmas time. My windows are all covered with gauzy white curtains that frost the view but permit the light. I love them!
11. Black - The absence of color, the darkness of night, distance from God, a place of despair. Black is a good color for rich earth to grown things in, for soft leather chairs, and for shiny cats with green eyes! Black and white mixed become gray the color of apathy and mediocrity.
12. Silver - Also not one of my favorites - too reserved and cool. I don't wear silver jewelry. Pewter and brushed nickel have a softer feel and use them in my home. Shiny silver is pretty in a pile of newly minted coins, or in tinsel reflecting colored light on a Christmas tree - which I still use it no matter how outdated it may be, as it brings back memories of childhood.
13. Gold - Warm and bright - the wealth of kings, the color of my wedding band! My son once sent me a dozen red roses, each stamped with Happy Birthday in gold - they were awesome!
There you have it, the colors that surround me and set the tone for my life. If any were to be removed from the palate my world would be less because of it. I love color, lots of it, and the brighter the better. I saw a double rainbow the other day, it made me smile!

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  1. truly vivid and blossomin colors :)

    13 goals in 13 days

    loved your share. it has inspired me for a post!

  2. Thanks Seher! I'll be by to see what you have done with the idea!

  3. I didn't do a 13 this week, but still wanted to pop around and see what others came up with... I love color so much, it really shapes my world, so I loved your list!

  4. hey -- i was your 100TH profile viewer, :)) just cuz i entered on that page. just so ya know.

    anyhow--- update woman! :))

    hope you're havin a good weekend.


  5. I have never seen a double rainbow. How amazing. What a lovely palette of colours you present. We are fortunate to see such beautiful hues in our lives!

  6. Missing your posts - and you. I hope this week is being good to you.
    Hugs, Soph. :)

  7. well?
    'sup lady?
    surely you have somethin to say?
    how's the weather?
    the cats? the hubby?
    better yet????? YOU???
    what's goinin on?
    inquiring minds want to know.
    ok... bored minds want to know.

    happy friday!

  8. Heya...

    Dropped by your blog for the first time and I must confess that I can see some spaks of excellent creativity out here..
    Fab template..fab snaps..fab write-ups..

    You have a long way to go young lady.....

    It was pleasure to know about your life and its various colors :)
    Keep up the good work..

    Shall come back for more soon :)

    Bestest Wishes..
    Pankhuri :)

  9. What a great list, I might have to borrow the color idea! :-)


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