Thirteen Things I Need To Do

Today's Thursday Thirteen is a list of things I want to work on...

  1. Eat more healthy - plan meals ahead.
  2. Get my butt out of the chair - go for a nightly walk
  3. Keep up with the housework - do an extra chore each day.
  4. Keep up with the laundry - do at least one load each night.
  5. Brush all three cats every night - they love it and it reduces the fur floating in the air!
  6. Work on writing John's biography daily - this is a gift for him and his children
  7. Make time for a little book reading each day - along with reading blogs and the news.
  8. Start a craft project - begin the cross-stitch gift for my daughter.
  9. Send more love notes to people I care about - especially to my hubby and kids.
  10. Find a job with better pay - that is also more fulfilling.
  11. Work on sorting and organizing drawers and closets - and then the storage.
  12. Complain less - and compliment more!
  13. Stop procrastinating - starting with this to do list!
Now head over to Thursday Thirteen and see what some other folks are thinking about today!


  1. What a great list! I started walking with my hubby in the afternoons...great way to bond and hopefully it will reduce my backside too!

  2. I'd like to work on making a list :)

    Happy Friday to you and John.

  3. This is a great list. Many of these things are on my own mental to-do list. It's just hard to find enough hours in the day sometimes, isn't it?
    Good luck!

  4. I am a big fan of To Do lists. I find that the act of crossing something off the list really motivates me. I think it is wonderful you are writing John's biography. What a brilliant idea!

  5. This is an interesting idea, I think I will join next week. Although thirteen seems like a whole lot - when will you sleep Sophie?

  6. Stacie - The times when I have walked regularly in my life are the times when I felt the healthiest and best mentally/emotionally too. It's truly great therapy! But I don't speedwalk, I want to enjoy the scenery. I know you're doing that too!

    Desi - You have such a wonderful sense of humor, your comments always make me smile. Ahh, yes - complaining less is a hard one for me too. It is so easy to grumble, it comes naturally to me. :-)

    Cheryl - While I may not be able to keep up with everything on my list, it really did help me to think about what my priorities are, and what I most enjoy doing.

    Terri - It truly is hard to find enough time. I looked at my list and things I wanted to do daily, and thought, ok but when am I going to sleep? And there's many things that didn't even make the list that I want to do, or need to do sometimes. Time is always my enemy. Perhaps I should quit work so that I can fit in more fun! I guess not, sigh.

    Selma - You are right about To Do lists - making progress gives a sense of accomplishment and helps motivate me to do more. If I even did one or two of these items as planned I'd feel great about the self-improvement. I tend to let time get away from me. My laptop is always ready to lure me away!

    Evalinn - I really am enjoying Thursday Thirteen. It is easier to come up with lists than you think. I've already got several ideas on the back burner, some "deep thoughts" and some just fun light stuff. Try it next week! :-) As for my list, I am wondering when I will sleep too. How I wish I was one of those lucky people who only require 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. Imagine what I could do with all that extra free time!


Your comments are always appreciated... they make me smile! :-)