A New Public Blog!

Most folks who know me are aware that I blog regularly and some have expressed curiosity about what I write. My personal blog was originally in the public domain, but thanks to a few unsavory characters and a psycho sister it proved necessary to make it accessible by invitation only. But many of the thoughts that tumble in my head and fall onto the keyboard are less personal in nature and could be shared publicly. Thus, I have decided to begin a third blog under a different identity in which I can express myself more openly, in addition to continuing my personal blog here and a private blog written for solely for my husband. Stop by "Sophie Says" and check it out when you have time. And please remember that I go by Sophie there instead of Josie! To make it simpler for those of you who use readers, I've added a handy link to this blog in the sidebar of Sophie Says under the heading "Places I Visit". Sneaky, huh? :-)

It's Time To Start Again

Welcome to old friends and new visitors! I've been hibernating lately, keeping a low profile in the blog world. Today seems like a good day for a fresh start in a new place, something I've been wanting to do for some time. I've learned a valuable lesson regarding anonymity, but realize that private blogs aren't accessible to those who use a reader, so I decided to return to the public forum. My posts here will be a bit more generic in nature, or at least I'll make an effort to refrain from providing details that can lead back to my door. It's my nature to "put it all out there", so we'll see how successful at this endeavor I can be. Those of you who want to read more personal stories of my life know where and how to find me. If you're new here and would like to visit my other place, send an email to my address posted in the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by!