Where's Chuck?

I answer the phones at the truck dealership where I work. About mid morning today I got a call from some guy asking to talk to Chuck. I informed him that we don't have anyone named Chuck employed with us. He said "Chuck's not there?" I once again assured him there was no Chuck.

An hour or so later I received a second call for Chuck, on another phone line, from a man whose voice was different than the first caller. Now I was puzzled. I was wondering if perhaps there was a Chuck working at one of the other four regional shops in our dealership. I informed the caller that this was the Odessa store, and we didn't have anyone named Chuck working for us. Yet the calls for Chuck kept coming, and it was beginning to bug me. Each caller (all different male voices) seemed quite sure that Chuck should be available at our shop.

After more than a dozen such calls throughout the day, I was becoming a bit annoyed with the whole Chuck thing and really wanted to say something less than professional regarding Chuck whoever. Then I received a call from none other than Chuck himself, asking if there were any messages for him!

"What?" I sputtered.

"Didn't anyone call to leave a message for me?" he asked again.

"Who are you?" I inquired, and "why are people trying to contact you here?"

With that he started laughing, and so did the staff in my office and the front showroom. Seems I'd been "April Fooled" by all of them! Since early morning the AP clerk in my office had been busily recruiting coworkers, friends, family, and anybody else she could think of to call me and ask for Chuck! Needless to say, my professional office demeanor and years of practice made them certain that I would continue to respond politely no matter how many times I received the errant call. And of course they were right.

I couldn't help but laugh. Good joke! I had a feeling something weird was going on, but one never can be sure, and I certainly didn't realize this prank was a team effort. Even my boss got a good chuckle out of it and failed to take my charges of harassment seriously. Maybe because I was laughing so hard at the time. Needless to say, Chuck jokes abounded until closing time when I announced over the intercom that Chuck had left the building. I'm certain this won't be the last I hear of him. All in all it made for a fun day and I was happy to be of service in adding a little humor to our workplace.

Now if a real Chuck should happen to call sometime I feel sorry for him, because he's likely to be greeted with a good deal of suspicion and a less than warm reception!


  1. Now that's funny. Thanks for sharing, I needed the laugh.

  2. Always glad to brighten your day a bit Frank :-)

  3. Ah, you fell for an old one. I remember participating in such a prank when I was in high school, over 50 years ago. Although then we would pick a phone number at random and start calling for Chuck, or occasionally. Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Sorry you were the victim but your willingness to share the story and bringing forth a knowing smile on my face. :~D

  4. Yes it really was funny,Leon, and I should have seen it coming. I remember pulling such phone pranks too. :-)


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