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It was a quiet Easter weekend here. With no family around we really didn't do much in observance, other than enjoy a really nice buffet at one of the local hotels. They arrange all the dessert offerings in a circle around their fountain on beautifully decorated tables - much too much temptation! John threatened to chop off the bunny cake's head for his plate, but I insisted it would traumatize the many children attending. :-)

I thought about attending an Easter service but I'm really not impressed by people (including myself) who only show up at church on Christmas and Easter, kind of misses the point. I'm still unchurched and will probably remain that way at least for the time being. I have heard very good things about one of the local pastors here who is also the hospice chaplain. John knows and likes him too, so we may end up visiting his church to see what it's like.

I hate to admit it, but one of the things holding us back from regular church attendance is that it breaks up Sunday too much. This is the only day we have off each week and we like to get up, eat and be actively engaged in some project before noon. Most church services here start at 11, which means getting out at noon and then fighting crowds for Sunday dinner out. So you don't really get much done before it's time to dress for church and tend to lose the desire to be productive afterwards. I realize that's hardly an insurmountable obstacle, just one of the things I consider. I remember that the Catholic church in the town where I grew up started a Saturday evening service for folks who couldn't/wouldn't make it on Sundays. Used to be kinda funny though to see those folks leave church and then head out for a night on the town. While I am a spiritual person and a Christian by my definition, it's always been difficult for me to find a church home that fits right. I have been a member of several denominations over the many years, but it's more about the people who make up the church. My social anxieties make participation a struggle not a joy. I also tend to get easily irritated about the oft found blatant hypocrisy. Yes, I know church is for sinners, not saints. Still, I'm a practice what you preach person and I like to associate with folks trying to do the same. I've become a little cynical I guess. I see spirituality as so much more than being religious, maybe that's why churches feel confining to me. I am not comfortable with having my own personal beliefs limited by tenants I don't necessarily agree with. Stick to the Book, and let us figure out the rest of our relationship with God for ourselves!

On a lighter note, Saturday afternoon we got the storage shed from John's old house moved over to our lot. It is wired for electricity and is just the right size to turn into a great workshop. We're excited about having a place for woodworking, repairs, etc. and to store our tools and equipment. Talking about getting a turning lathe at some point. They are fun to work with!

We'll be taking Thursday, Friday and Saturday off this week, heading south to meet up with my daughter and son-in-law. I'll be spending the weekend with her at their new house in San Antonio - a girl's weekend, while John and Jason are off on a fishing trip to Lake Amistad on the border between Texas and Mexico. They are so excited - John texts him a picture of our boat. He sends back a picture of a new lure he bought! :-) Saturday is Jason's 34th birthday so this is a really fun way for him to celebrate, and I'm so glad for John to have a chance to get away from it all and enjoy doing what he loves most!

My son called last night and we had a nice visit. He was reminiscing on the Easters of his childhood and the fun of those treasure hunt clues to find their baskets. He's in the process of buying a house in Clarksville, Tennessee - his first, and I'm so proud of him! He said he's been living in apartments for ten years now and at 30 is ready to have a place to call his own. He's very careful with his money and his decisions so I know he's got this well planned out. I am grateful that my kids have both turned out so amazingly well, able to support themselves, and above all are really wonderful, caring people!

The furkids are adjusting to being a threesome, Stormy is out and around the house and getting comfortable. The girls are still a little leery of him, especially since he's made it clear that they are not to mess with him. Now he tries to make time with Sophie and she goes wide-eyed. There have been no fights though, and all are living peacefully with doors open. Saturday night one of them, most likely Emily - since she likes to walk the kitchen counter (even though she knows she's not supposed to be on it) - managed to knock a bowl of kitty snacks on the floor, and get the lid off. Needless to say, they indulged in a snack party and the bowl was nearly empty when I found it. Guilty faces all around. :-)

The Sunday Scribblings theme for yesterday was "Scary" with the assignment to write about what scares us. Reflecting on it, I realized that there isn't all that much scary in my life anymore. That sure wasn't true two years ago! The only fear I sometimes harbor in the back of my mind now is one we all share - that of losing one of the people we love. Rather than dwelling much on that, I try to make sure that the people I love know it and that every encounter ends up on a good note. It's about quality of time shared, not the quantity. None of us can foresee what the future holds anyway, so no point stressing over it. All in all, my life is good - I am so blessed with John that it would seem trivial to sweat the small stuff. His positive, "I can handle this" nature is comforting and encouraging. I know that whatever comes, we'll get thru it!

Almost time for lunch here, just two and half days of work remaining this week - sure wish every week was like that. :-) I hope everyone has a good week, it will be what you make of it!


  1. I've always felt as you do about spirituality... at least I think we are the on the same wave length there. I've also become something of a history buff and have issues with "establishments". I hope that makes sense? I should have asked you for egg hunt tips! I think leaving clues would've been fun but the boys still had fun :o) And the news of your furbabies... it sounds like everything is settling for you these days, which is a wonderful feeling, yes? I miss Sunday Scribblings... they still have that?

  2. I too have issues with churches as establishments or institutions, Girl.

    When we were kids, my mom would hide our Easter baskets somewhere in the house (this was Dakota and there was often still snow on the ground so outside wasn't practical). Then she'd work late into the night to write a dozen or so silly rhyming clues for each of us - one leading to the next and finally to our basket. It was great fun and we still laugh about those clues. I continued the tradition with my kids as did my sisters and they loved it too.

    Yes, I am settling into my new life. It has really come full-circle from where it was a couple years ago. I am HAPPY now most of the time! :-)

    I want to get back into the Sunday Scribblings habit again too - you can find the link in my sidebar.

  3. Happy Easter Josie...glad it was peaceful and yeah...I feel quite the same in regards to churches, religion and all that. Having been raised up in a very Catholic family where we did the "every Sunday and Sunday school" thing... I think just trying to live right and by your own policies is good...the rest is between the individual and God.. no public displays needed! Have a good weekend with your kids!

  4. My growing up church experiences did much to drive me in the opposite direction as well JY. I don't think faith is an inherited thing, we have to find it on our own. I am very much looking forward to the weekend, just two more days 'til it's time to go! :-)


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