Telling It Like It Is

Tonight the Peterbilt dealership where I work held it's annual "State of the Company" meeting. It was held at Jason's Deli and spouses were invited. This was my first time to attend and it was actually quite interesting. I've heard of (and worked for) companies that don't tell their employees anything about financial matters. The first we would know of problems was when we were informed our paychecks would be short or late. If things were going great it would most likely be reflected in enhanced benefits for the CEO such as attending a "seminar" in some very nice place. Given the very shaky state of our economy I applaud my company for presenting a full financial picture to it's employees, including comparisons to previous years and to our competitors, as well as a look at trends and predictions for the current year.

The presentation was given by our CEO from Lubbock. The dealership is family-owned and operated, and encompasses five West Texas locations). As it turns out, our financial picture is quite stable, more so than for some of our largest competitors. Certainly things are tougher than last year, especially since Odessa has an oil-based economy, but there is still a healthy profit to be made if the right steps are taken and business is handled wisely. Our jobs are not on the line, pay is not being cut, and benefits are not being taken away.

Additionally, the General Manager of our local dealership is a sincere Christian - not one who just preaches, but one who walks the talk and sets an example for others to follow. He is extremely intelligent, fun, thoughtful, caring, and a really nice person to work for. (The rest of my fellow employees are a true cast of characters that will most definitely provide fodder for blog posts down the road. :-)

In addition to attending a nice casual event with coworkers, I felt doubly blessed to be there in the company of my spouse. John handles himself with such class, and interacts with everyone from my boss to my young coworkers with such ease, that I feel exceptionally proud to be with him and much more comfortable in these situations than I would on my own (or - God forbid, in the company of my previous spouse who was capable of anything at such events). John is so very affectionate and attentive to me when we are out together, and staff have noted previously that I just seem to glow in his presence. That's pretty much how I feel too!

When I count my blessings... as I do often, and there are many... among the items at the very top of the list you'll find my beloved husband who I treasure more than life itself, an employer that takes care of it's employees, and a boss that I respect. I am so very thankful for what I have!


  1. You are so right Jos, in our current economy, you truly are blessed to have a stable company to work for. Things are just plain scary right now, aren't they?

    I am thrilled to see that you and John are so happy. No one deserves peace more than you.

    Happy Wednesday friend. Hugs.

  2. It certainly is a scary time, Jamie, the cutbacks are so pervasive and no one is truly safe, but I know God led me to this job for a reason and it's proven to be a really good match for what I need and what I am able to contribute.

    John and me... what an incredible love story! It makes me smile just to think about it! :-)

    You are long overdue for peace and contentment too, dear friend, and I know that day will come for you as well. Hugs back at ya!

  3. I'm behind and trying to catch up. So I'll respond to two posts instead of just one.

    I'm happy that the digital hearing aids are doing the job for you. Harry tried them but they didn't work for him. The audiologist really tried but finally had to admit defeat. I've learned when to pick up a conversation for him so he isn't embarassed and to step back when I see he is hearing the conversation better.

    The economy isn't a pretty picture now and may not be for some years to come. However, businesses that make careful choices should be able to weather the storm. I'm glad to hear that your company sounds like one of the lucky ones.

    Take care my friend. I think of you often.

  4. I think of you often too Mary, and smile in the knowledge that you know so well what a blessing it can be to find new love in the second half of your life.

    I had wanted the digital hearing aids that fit behind the ear with only the tiny wire on the inside, but learned that those kind would not work for the type of hearing loss I have, so these are in the ear canal, and invisible enough to make me comfortable wearing them. I am getting used to them and my hearing is much improved. I am sad that they wouldn't work for Harry, but I know that you are his best friend and second set of ears. :-)

    I do feel extremely lucky to be part of a company that practices fiscal responsibility (and no outrageous perks for the CEO), provides excellent benefits, and truly cares about their employees. There is no perfect job, and of course I'd much prefer to be at home altogether, but as jobs go, this is good.

  5. I applaud your company for being honest about the state of their business. Everyone is worried right now and despite my business have lower sales, we're financially strong and I've let our employees (only a handful) know their jobs are safe. One of them looked so relieved afterwards and I was glad I decided to open up more than I may have in the past.

    More importantly, I love that you have that peace and happiness with your John. You have no idea how happy that makes me. :-)

  6. Your employees are blessed to have you AB. Running a business is really tough the way things are now, and job security is not taken lightly.

    My relationship with John continues to amaze and delight me too. I honestly had no idea something could be this real and this good!


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