Life Keeps on Moving

Yikes! Once again it's been three weeks since I've posted anything. Life gets in the way of blogging. But then, life is what it's all about right? Living! I'm doing that in much more active and abundant ways than I have for years... probably since my kids lived at home - and my daughter turns 34 this week.

We keep busy, and we keep busy together - that's the best part! Days are long, evenings are short, and there really isn't a lot of free quiet time where I'm just by myself, by my own choosing. When there is, such as when John is at the lodge, I am most likely catching up on washing dishes, doing laundry or baking muffins for morning breakfasts on the run. I like being busy. And when we aren't, I like just being together - sitting quietly, watching tv and holding hands. Talking about the future and the plans we have for the house and our lives. It just doesn't get much better than that and I pray that we have many years to share.

The last couple weekends we've been working our butts off sorting and moving mountains of clutter, with mountains more to go. We've purchased a large new storage shed and we were finally able to get all of my boxes out of expensive rental storage. We are talking 90+ boxes along with misc. small appliances and furniture. Thankfully, the weather was mild and the rental storage place lets you use their trailers for free. It was definitely more exercise than I've done in a long time!

This weekend we went thru John's storage building at his old house. It was also crammed full of boxes, old clothes, assorted fishing and camping gear, tools, and keepsake stuff. We hauled off two truckloads of trash, gave another two truckloads away to friends, and moved a great deal of the rest to our new storage. The remainder is in large tubs, etc. that will remain in place while the shed is moved to our property. There it will be transformed into a workshop, the first one John has ever had. We're excited about having a place to work on projects together.

We still have a good deal of sorting to do at his old house, nicnacs to clean and pack, etc. Our goal is to be finished with it in the next couple months so we can be rid of it. Then comes the daunting task of starting to sort thru those boxes and tubs we have in the new building. And when we're done there will be much, much less of it. Not a fun process, but getting life pared down to what we really need and use, with a few keepsakes from our past lives, will feel so good. There is much bantering back and forth about whose boxes contain treasures and who has a lot of crap. :-) It was a dirty, tiring process, but coming home to clean up and go out for a nice dinner felt great, and so does the sense of making progress. Needless to say, we slept very well! We look eagerly forward to the weekends when we can choose a fun activity instead of "what do we need to do".

Work has settled down again, and I have managed to implement a "no negativity" policy in our admin office which means I've enjoyed two weeks now of not hearing fellow employees being bashed or gossiped about. At first that was tense as I held my ground, but now it is just nice to visit about other more positive things and no go home with a pounding headache at night. It's a good change for all of us and I am grateful that God helped me take a stand. I'm sure there will be times when reinforcement/reminders are needed, but it is much, much better. Now I wish that the economy would get back on it's feet and work would pick up. Things are very slow here and everywhere in town, and that always makes employees nervous as there is not enough work to justify pay. I would much rather be so busy that the day flies by and it's time to go home. But again, I am grateful to have a good job in a time when so many have lost theirs.

For John and I life is good. It is better than good... it is great! I think I will always be amazed at how easy it can be for two stubborn old farts to get along and enhance each other's lives. I never thought such compatibility was possible. Sure it takes a little work, a little compromise, a little patience, but it isn't hard... especially when it's what you both want. We treasure each other and that's what makes it work. We also play a lot and laugh often. Maybe it's retaining some of the childlike simple joys in life that makes it fun.

Now if the washing machine and dishwasher would become self-loading, that would be miraculous. But you know, life is short and sometimes it's better to let those things wait while you stop to plant some flowers!


  1. This has inspired a blog post I'm about to write.

    Glad to hear things are going well.

  2. This should be interesting Frank, headed your way shortly to check it out!


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