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I am smiling ear to ear tonight, basking in the warmth of comments and emails received in the last couple days from blog friends who probably long since wondered if I died. I've really missed you guys! :-) You all know I'm long-winded and I can't just write a short post. I've never mastered the art of condensing my thoughts - I prefer to let my mind ramble on, and lord it does! :-) I know I won't get thru my blog roll daily or post daily either, it's just not possible, there aren't enough hours in the evening. But I'm going to do my darnedest to keep up with it, because I enjoy the interaction, the opportunities to think about things, and to share our lives!

Speaking of blog time, I am loving the new Reading List feature on my Blogger Dashboard. If you add the blogs you read (and it doesn't have to be only Blogger blogs, can be WordPress or whatever), you will get continuous updates of who has posted something new. This saves a bunch of time compared to clicking thru the whole list just to see who's had time to update their blog. If you haven't tried it yet... do, it's great!! I know there are other sites that also track updates, but having it right here in Blogger makes it so quick and easy for me to check at the same time I'm checking to see who's stopped by my blog.

For those who don't know, I got a brand new laptop about a week ago. The one I had was three years old and the Best Buy Geek Squad was unable to order the parts needed to correct some wiring glitch that was causing pieces of my emails/documents to spontaneously delete while I was writing. (It made me crazy!) Since the laptop had an extended warranty and they couldn't fix it, they gave me a brand new one which just happens to be larger and more powerful than my old one, and of course has Windows Vista instead of XP. It also has a 10-key pad and bigger keys which are nice for my chubby fingers. I'm in laptop heaven. :-)

At work, I share a computer with my coworker and am actually on it very little. I'm busy in the mornings but afternoons are sometimes slow, so my supervisor lets me bring in my laptop and beloved Internet card to play on while waiting for the next phone call, cashier task, or project. This just might enable me to find some time for keeping up with blogs, at least with things being slow at the moment. We have an oil-based economy here and it's taken a toll on most businesses, including ours. These days we are thankful just to have jobs. Many places are laying off workers or shutting down altogether. Pay increases are probably not in the foreseeable future. Anyway, I finally have a little 'puter playtime again - hallelujah! :-)

It was an amazing 86 degrees here today! Not bad for late February! My Dad in Dakota is in the deep freeze, and at 83 struggles with the ice, snow and cold. I don't miss that stuff one bit! We haven't had any of the white stuff this year, not one snow day. That's disappointing but I'll take it as opposed to driving to work on icy roads, low visibility on the Interstate, etc. It's kinda hard to please me with the weather though. I'd like it to be about 75 year around - never hot and never cold. :-) Summers are way hot here and the heat makes me sick, so I'm enjoying our early spring now, before it turns to sizzle.

Remember how I wasn't permitted to have cats at my apartment when I left my ex and the farm? Well we do now! Both are rescue cats. One was adopted the day I left Hobbs and came to my new life with me, and we adopted the second from the Humane Society shelter a few months ago. Both are females and about 5 years old. Emily (she came with that name) is a Maine Coon, and Sophie is a Maine Coon mix. Maine Coons became my favorite kind of cats after having Smokey because they are so gentle and affectionate, and of course very pretty. I'll try to get some photos of them posted soon. They both adore John, and bless his heart he is a cat lover. (Would I marry someone who wasn't?) He previously had a mama cat that lived to be 20 years old! I'd like to say that Emily and Sophie are BFFs but the truth is that they merely tolerate each other. They wrestle and play, but are also jealous of lap time and would much prefer the other to run away from home. :-) Emily is more restless and a bit demanding, she also thinks she's telepathic and will stare holes in me trying to communicate things like "my dish is empty"or "remove the laptop from your lap". Sophie is a mellow love bug and drapes herself over John's leg on the recliner and will happily stay there all evening. They have their own room (which also doubles as a store room for our clutter) where they spend the night so that we can sleep undisturbed with our bedroom door open. Emily heads for bed without coaxing but Sophie does her best to evade capture if she senses what's coming. :-) Can you tell I'm happy to have furkids back in my life? Yup, sure am!

So much more I want to update, but getting late here so will stop for tonight and save your eyes. Thanks for stopping by. Look for posts with a little more substance in the days and weeks to come, I'm just getting caught up!


  1. So glad to find your blog again. I knew you had to be okay, then when I found out you are a cat person, that REALLY makes you great in my eyes. LOL! I have one cat, Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater, who is 14. He's doing pretty well to be as old as he is, but he is spoiled rotten! Good for you rescuing the cats from the pound. Oscar's Mommy took up with us and she brought her two kittens to us. She was killed out on the road only a year after we "adopted" her, but we still have Oscar and we only lost Sweet Pea two years ago.

    I'm looking forward to warm weather when we can get the boat out and go fishing! It's been a long, cold winter over here in Georgia. I know, I know, it could have been real cold with SNOW, but we have managed to dodge the snow bullet this year, must to all the school kids dismay.

  2. Cat lovers are always my kinda people Tee! :-) I think there is a special place in Heaven for people who adopt abandoned/rescue animals instead of opting for the pedigrees. As my daughter put it, "Any cat you adopt Mom is winning the lottery"! Yup, our furkids are spoiled rotten and get away with things our kids would not have! :-)

    We are eager to get John's fishing boat out too. We have a fishing weekend planned for the end of March and he has another planned for April with my daughter's husband. They will have a blast together!

  3. Ah, the rewards of checking back here every couple of weeks. I knew you would finally be back and I'm so delighted to hear about your happiness. I can feel the smiles in your writing. And, thanks for stopping by my blogway too! :~D

  4. So good to "hear" from you! :)

  5. Hi Leon and Amanda! Thanks for stopping in to check up on me. I promise to get serious about blogging regularly. I love to write, so just gotta make more time for it. I have several ideas for posts brewing in the back of my mind!

  6. Heyyyyyyy - you're back! I love the tulips and I'm enjoying catching up on your new life. I've always loved your writing style, so go ahead and write as much as you want. xoxoxo.

  7. Hi AB! Yup, I'm baaaaccckkk! I guess that means that my life is getting sorted out and settled in and I'm feeling energized by it!

  8. Thanks for stoppin' by My Love! XOXO

  9. Howdy! So glad to see you again. I hope I can add you to my Reader. That's how I like to check for updates. I might not be able to because you're private, but we'll see. My laptop is about 4 1/2 years old. I've renewed the warranty a few times, and had parts replaced a lot. Maybe it will die and be replaced like yours! 16 months to go with this warranty. It's been worth every penny.

    They're calling for mixed precip tonight and snow on Sunday night. They've been wrong so many times and I hope they're wrong again. I can't wait for warmer weather :)

  10. Hi Cheryl! You can add my blog to the reader, but it won't show updates, only the link to sign in. Sadly, I have to keep my blog private because I have an older sister who likes to meddle in my life. SIGH

    I was never one to spend money on extended warranties, but I'm glad John purchased one for my old laptop. Now I see the light! :-)

    It was cooler here today again too after several gorgeous warm days. Up down, up down... is it any wonder my body feels old and cranky! I am ready for Spring to stay.


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