Free at Last!

On Friday noon, August 22nd, I placed a phone call to the US Bankruptcy Court after trying for over two weeks to get a status report on our case from my attorney's office. It had been a month since our last meeting with the bankruptcy trustee, and I was anxious to hear when the judge would rule on our case. I cannot begin to describe the feelings of relief and elation that washed over me when the bankruptcy clerk informed me that our case had been reviewed by the judge the previous day and was discharged under Chapter 7 as we had hoped and prayed for. After nineteen tortuous months of waiting, jumping thru hoops, and waiting some more... OVER, DONE, FREE AT LAST! My next phone call was to my ex, then I called John, and my father, all of whom rejoiced with me. Then I returned to work to share the good news with them as well.

That night the celebration continued as John and I travelled to Hobbs to attend the annual banquet from my former place of employment at the invitation of my ex-boss and the Board of Directors. Everyone was delighted to see me, and eager to meet John. I was so proud of him, amd loved this opportunity to show him off! It was a really fun time! My boss had kind words for me both during the program and talking with us, and a long-time Board Member and dear friend specifically told John how glad she was that he had come into my life. Several people noted how happy I looked, and at long last we were able to announce our pending marriage!

Finally I am free of the financial ties that bound me to my ex, and I can "cut the cord" and move on into this new chapter of my life... a life with John... a happy life... a life of peace and contentment! To those who listened patiently as I struggled, who encouraged me, and who prayed for me, I am forever grateful.

At times I really began to wonder if the nightmare would ever end, or if it would destroy my sanity in the process. I had nearly given up hope that it could be resolved as a Chapter 7, rather than the dreaded Chapter 13 with five years of payments and trustee supervision. But with God all things are indeed possible, and once again my prayers have been answered with amazing love!


  1. This is truly a blessing, Jose and some of the BEST news I've heard in a freaking long time!! I am soo happy it's finally over -- I know how much you suffered over this and all the worrying as well!! I am so happy for you. And I just breathed a huge sigh of relief, too (literally)!

  2. who says prayer doesn't work? :)

  3. Positively showered in good wishes.

  4. Great news!!!!!!

    What a relief this must be for you. Congratulations.

  5. I am so happy for you Jos. Seriously. Somehow you know, I knew it would work out this way, I told you that a long time ago.

    With God, ALL things are possible.

    My love to you---

    I am so happy for your new life.



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