Weekend Come and Gone

It was a good weekend. I didn't think that I would like working on Saturday mornings, but as it turned out the shop is not very busy and everyone is laid back. I spent some time visiting with our General Manager who is probably around my age and grew up about 30 miles from Hobbs. He is super-friendly. One of his interesting questions was "What is your current battle?" As he noted, everyone has battles their are fighting in their lives. I told him my current battles are dealing with the ongoing bankruptcy nightmare and trying to get a hold on organizing the moving chaos of our house. Other than that, life is very good.

Speaking of stressful issues, something very interesting is happening. A few years ago I was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and started on medication. Although various doctors have switched the medication from time to time since then, they have each worked very well for me and were able to keep my blood pressure under control despite the extreme stress I have endured the past couple years. But, since I've met John and moved to Odessa, changed jobs, and lost weight, I am down to taking one half of the prescribed medication and even that amount often puts my top bp number under 100, which is actually too low and makes me shaky and tired. After today, I will try taking that amount every other day and then weaning off it completely if my numbers stay down. I check them often, as does John, so I'm doing this carefully. Is it possible that the high blood pressure was primarily due to the incredible amount of stress in my life due to living with the ex and dealing with the politics at work? Maybe so!

After John got off work on Saturday we decided to eat at Cracker Barrel in Midland, then went to the movie "The Happening." It was surprisingly good. It is always refreshing when a story is based on some original and creative thinking. At a couple points the suspense and action were enough to make us jump in our seats, and there was enough romance to soften the plot. No over the top language or sex, though plenty of graphic horror. Anyway, we both liked it and felt that our "Senior ticket" dollars were well spent.

Yesterday we went to church. The brother of John's deceased wife preaches at a small Southern Baptist church north of town. We decided to go there. He was pleased to see us. Both he and his wife have been very welcoming regarding my relationship with John. So is his wife's mother. I know they are all glad to see him happy, no one who cares about him wanted him to be alone. It was a good service. I enjoy the simplicity compared to the ritual formality that I grew up with in the Lutheran church. Less pomp and circumstance, more down-to-earth substance. Brother Wayne did a great job on the sermon which was based on the story of the Prodigal Son. He explored some interesting related concepts that I haven't heard before. I love to listen to someone of intelligence and thought speak. I know they are doing a good job of communicating if my mind doesn't wonder off, cuz it does that easily. John had his arm around me during the entire service and sitting beside him I feel protected and loved. It's the best! So is his singing. He has an amazingly beautiful voice that is perfectly on key and I love to just close my eyes and listen. Church is a good way to start the week. I need to do it more. Since the service doesn't start until 10:45, there is plenty of time to sleep in if we stay up late on Saturday night, which we did.

After church we went to Texas Roadhouse for Sunday dinner, then came home to enjoy a nice nap, which was interrupted by three well meaning callers. Sigh. John is less sore daily and his energy level is returning. He has noticed that he can breathe much easier than before, and we realize the blocked artery has probably been creating problems for him for some time.

At suppertime we met John's daughter and the grandkids at the deli for a light Father's Day meal. It was totally enjoyable. Both kids are so friendly and affectionate and C. and I have become very close. It looks like they may soon be moving to Lancaster, Texas which makes us all sad, but will probably be good for their family, since her husband is a trucker and they would have much more time together as a family if they lived close to his terminal. Right now he only gets home once or twice a month 'cuz they need the money made by him staying on the road. I hope it works out for them, I will miss them.

By the time we got home there was only a few hours left before bedtime, got a little laundry done and things organized for today. Both of us had too much iced tea yesterday and were caffeined out, so that coupled with facing the stresses of Monday didn't make for great sleep. We started this day out tired.

I've already been out to the grocery store, and to John's old house to pick up a couple things he needed. I've got supper started in the crock pot and as soon as I get the dishes done I'll be on the road and headed to New Mexico to the blessed Bankruptcy video conference with the judge. Pray for me! I am not looking forward to this time with my ex. His stress and negativity are contagious and I don't need it. I am not looking forward to another trip to Hobbs and back. But... it has to be done, so it shall be. God willing, I will be back home by suppertime or shortly thereafter and will have something to report here. I am trying hard to "breathe" and stay in a positive frame of mind, Iknow this is essential for good things to happen. I see it working in my life. It is sad that I have spent so much of my past swallowed up by negativity. What is supposed to be, will be, and life will go forward. I am blessed, and I am reminded of that every morning when I look into John's beautiful smiling eyes!


  1. I hope everything will work out for you at the meeting Josie. Have a great week!

  2. Good luck on the meeting! Remember, whatever the are with John now...and that is the most important. You can overcome this together!

  3. Fingers crossed! :::prayers:::

    Regardless, everything will work out, Jose. You're already ahead in so many areas of your life. I'm rootin' for ya, girl! ;)

  4. I'm certain that stress leads to high blood pressure. Decreased stress and shedding a few pounds works wonders for life all around. Hope all went well today.

  5. Ditto Elizabeth's comment. I'm glad things are looking better with your health. Thinking happy, positive thoughts for your meeting today. I read earlier but didn't post - by now you should be on your way home to John and a warm hug.

  6. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Glad your blood pressure went down, mine is high so I am watching my junkfood intake and I am moving more so I can lose weight!


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