The New Girl

Being a new employee is a strange experience. How often we went thru the process of training/adapting to new receptionists as my previous job. Now I'm the new girl who has to learn the ropes! I find myself enjoying the challenge of learning to do knew things, and in this job the learning is very much "hands on", meaning I've been doing it since day one with a very short learning curve. I am pleased with how well I've handled it so far.

WT Peterbilt is seven miles from home. The drive takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic and the time of day. Once again I've been blessed... my supervisor asked me last week if I'd mind changing my work hours to 9-6. The big boss requested me to staff the office from 5-6 PM to handle phone calls, process credit card payments for the parts & service departments, etc. Ordinarily I would hate working that late in the evening BUT, John works 9-6 so it's perfect! We can stay up late and sleep in a little later in the AM. The last hour is pretty quiet since I'm alone in the office so it's a nice time to downwind from the very hectic pace of the day. I'll also be running the office alone from 8-12 on three Saturdays a month. That will help my paycheck since it's all overtime. My supervisor ok'd me taking off on the one Saturday a month that John has off, so we will have that too look forward to, and can plan something fun for that weekend.

The phone system has 13 lines, which keeps me really busy! Thankfully, they are rarely all going at once, and there are a couple other people who will answer them if too many are ringing at one time. Amazingly, I have not answered the phone with "LEADERS" one time! I have also been occupied this week sorting and filing a mountain of paperwork that goes back to February! We are talking stacks of invoices, etc. I can honestly say that keeping so busy makes the day go fast, and I find myself liking the simple production-oriented nature of the job - very low stress!

My lunch hour has also been changed. Now it's 1-2 PM to match John's, and it's so much nicer to get in somewhere to eat at that time instead of during the noon hour rush. It also makes the afternoon feel shorter.

Oh, for those of you who know are aware of my frequent potty trips due to my ever present bottle of water, the restroom is conveniently located one door down the hallway from our office. :-)

I work with approximately 20 men including the boss, sales people, service people, mechanics, etc. and five women, two of which are about my age (my supervisor and the new truck sales person). The other three are young, and pretty much still in the party stage of life. Thus, their work ethic and conduct leaves much to be desired, but thankfully it's not my problem. I remember being that way long, long ago too. Though I can honestly say that I was raised in a different time where doing the job and doing what the boss wanted was expected. If you didn't, you got fired. I think things were simpler and worked better that way!

I much prefer working in a predominantly male environment, as I also did when I worked for a bottling company in El Paso 2o years ago. Women, especially in larger numbers tend to create much drama in the workplace. Everyone at the new place, men and women alike, have been very welcoming and friendly. I have only worked there a total of five days and already feel comfortable. The casual dress code (pants and tops) also suits me well. I do not do the Barbie dress-up thing and would be miserable in a job that required it.

My supervisor and I clicked immediately when I came for my initial interview. It is the only job I interviewed for and she offered me the position ten minutes into it. Then we sat and talked for nearly an hour about everything else in life! Her background is somewhat similar to mine, especially in the realm of previous marriage experiences, and we see very much eye to eye on work ethics and how an office should be run. She is very pleased to have someone mature and responsible in the office and I'm delighted to be in a place where I am valued!

When the younger wild-child AP clerk is in the office my supervisor remains relatively quiet, but when the clerk goes to lunch, the gabfest begins! Today's topic of discussion was our previous relationships, finding someone new, and how hard it is to trust. She has met John briefly and was immediately impressed. Needless to say, she was very surprised when she learned we met online. Here experiences there are typical, and not good. I know how blessed I am to have found the "one-in-a-million" guy. I am just now beginning to believe that he IS real. I have no doubts about my decision to join him here, and no fears about our future together.

Speaking of which, next Monday I travel 200 miles to Roswell to listen to the bankruptcy judge tell via video conference if he is going to accept the Ch 13 Plan or return our case to Ch 7 court. So much rides on this decision, primarily whether I will be able to marry John soon or will have to wait 4 1/2 years to make it legal. I fear the outcome will be the latter, and I know I will cry if that happens, but I also believe in miracles and God could yet have one more in store for me. It feels so unfair to be punished more after enduring the punishment of the last ten years with my ex. Yes, I brought that on myself, I know that. I should have left much sooner. But I can say I gave it all I had. I would appreciate your prayers, and I'll let you know how it turns out.

Time to shut down our respective laptops here. Going to make it an early night. John returns to work tomorrow, and it will be a tiring day for him. He is doing great though, has been out and around town running errands and such, and hey... he even helps with supper. That's a first in my life!! :-)

I know you'd all like to see pictures of my new life, house, cat, etc. but I have no idea which of the many boxes my digital camera is in. I promise they will come in time! I figure I should sort my way thru the mess by about 2010! :-)


  1. You're always in my prayers, Jose!

    I am so glad to hear about PB and how well it's going. What a relief to know the new job is working out as hoped (no workplace drama/backstabbing). And the hours don't sound too bad since they match John's anyway!

    Take care and thanx for your updates! Love 'em!!

  2. isnt that weird that men are easier to work with than a place full of women? when i was in was all men and it was i work with a few women, but only two in our little "island", so it isn't too bad. the bankruptcy thing will work out... if the worst least it does not prevent you from living with John...perhaps the Man Upstairs has something planned for you...if that should happen! But I am praying for you...things look better all the time!

  3. I will say some prayers for you too...hopefully another miracle will happen with the bankruptcy...then you can finally breathe that sigh of relief. I'm so happy for are, indeed, living proof that wishes come true, God is watching and hearing your prayers and miracles do happen. Big hugs.

  4. Ah, I'm so happy about your new job. Although, I must confess, a tiny little part of me might miss reading about the "mismanagement" meetings. :)

  5. Glad to hear John is doing well and that you are happy in the job. Unpacking will come in time - we can all wait for pics.

    I will be thinking of you on Monday and praying that things go well. You've been through Hell already. I wish I could go to Roswell with you.

    Take care, my friend, I'm certainly thinking of you.

  6. Can you believe how much your life has turned around in such an extraordinary short space of time? It's just incredible. all the pieces just keep falling into just the right spots and I really sincerely hope the last piece of the jigsaw, the bankruptcy, completes the wonderful picture that is your new life. Somehow I think it will :)


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