Settling In

Papa Bear returned to work today and it went well, though he was tired by the end of day. From now on the young guys in the shop will do the heavy lifting. He's worked there for 27 years and has been General Manager for the last fifteen so he's earned the right to do a bit more directing from the counter and less hands-on hauling. He has nothing to prove. Thankfully, the owner of the business is totally supportive and insisting on this. The catheter site in his groin for the angio/stent placement is still sore and has a pretty good knot so we won't do too much walking for a few days yet, but he has definitely regained his spirit and has been downright feisty tonite, which is nice to see.

When we left work at 6 PM, it was over 105 degrees outside! It is supposed to remain over 100 for the whole week. My office is kept very cool, so it's like stepping out into an oven when I leave. I hate the heat, it's draining. Already I am looking forward to fall weather, which doesn't happen until the end of September. :-(

Today I had lunch with Papa Bear's youngest daughter (33) who lives here in Odessa and works at a dealership a few miles from where I do. We both enjoy our time together and always have more to share than we can fit into an hour. Her mom died suddenly seven years ago, and she has welcomed me into her life and her father's. Her daughter graduates from 6th grade next week, and we will have a dinner out to celebrate with her. I am totally enjoying having an adopted family. All six of Papa Bear's grandkids are awesome!

Work is rapidly becoming a comfortable environment as the other staff get to know me a little better and see past my "old woman" image. Several stopped by the office to visit a little today, especially from 5-6 when things are winding down. It was nice. Last night the three young women who work there went out partying with a couple of the guys in back. Needless to say, it got late and a little too much drinking took place resulting in four of them not making it into work today, which did not go over well with their supervisors. The clerk in my office showed up, but was obviously suffering after effects. Ahh, I remember being young and dumb like that. I partied hard with coworkers when I worked at a bottling company in El Paso 20 year ago. But I did manage to always make it to work, and most often our partying took place on the weekend. Now it's a rare night when I am up late and drinking is not on the agenda 'cuz alcohol makes me achy and I'm allergic to beer.

I am glad to report that the necessary changes in my diet to accommodate the allergy issues (like no daily chocolate), much less snacking, and being more active in preparing the new house and facilitating the move, has enabled me to loose a total of 35 pounds now and keep it off! Of course there is much more to go, but it's a great start and improves my morale. I haven't been down this far in over ten years. All my pants fit like baggy clown clothes, but I refuse to spend money on new ones until I'm down to a healthier size.

Time to get the sheets out of the dryer and on the bed. Yes, I am finally starting to work on the laundry mountain. Little by little, life is falling into place for us. I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to be living here and not doing the weekly commute between Hobbs and Odessa. This is home now, and I'm happy. I can't help but smile when I think about how my life has undergone such an amazing transformation in the last six months! I have MUCH to be thankful for!


  1. I am always so happy to read your posts Jos. It's wonderful news that John is on the mend so quickly.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank goodness Papa Bear is on the mend. And yeah...go find that digital camera while you're working on the pile of laundry would ya???? LOL

  3. Hey -- congrats on the weight loss, sexy! I had noticed that you "lost" in your pic. w/ elvis from your memphis trip!

    Keep it up! :)


  4. I am glad you both are doing good!! It is hot here too!

  5. Oooh that sounds so hot...You've lost 35 pounds!!!!! Josie that's incredible. I really have to get a grip on myself as I haven't been able to do any kind of exercise in 3 months and it shows. Until I can get back into my walking I will have to bite the bullet and quit eating so much. It's so hard when the weather is colder though :(


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