By Way of Introduction

It seems some sort of introduction is in order. A few months back, after years of struggling with the realities of the relationship I was in, I made the decision to end my thirteen-year marriage and move out on my own. As decision proceeded to actuation emotions ran high and the situation grew intense. Looking back now, I'm amazed I got through those days, amazed I found the courage to finally say "enough". It hasn't been an easy journey since then. I'm still settling in and coming to terms with the realities of what of my new life will be. My emotions have been all over the place and I've found it difficult to communicate, even with the handful of people who have been a tremendous source of love and encouragement. That has always been my way... when life gets hard I hide. But I'm feeling the need to start reaching out again, to reconnect with life and those I love. Living is a process, day-by-day steps on a path toward fulfilling our spiritual destinies. This blog is my way of sharing that journey, since none of us travel alone. We are all related and here to help each other along the way.