Thankful Thoughts - January 20, 2017

I am thankful that I live in the USA.  The events of this week really bring home how blessed we are as citizens to have freedom of speech, and the freedom to dissent, along with all the other freedoms we enjoy.  There are many places in the world where freedom of expression is not tolerated.

Thankful Thoughts - January 19, 2017

I am thankful for reaching the point in life where I feel comfortable stopping someone who is attempting to badger me.  Sometimes we can ignore, sometimes humor works, and sometimes just a sweet but short "I've got this, no need for you to worry about it" sends the proper message.  I am thankful that I am no longer a frustrated doormat in life.

Secrets of the Old Farmhouse - Part XI

Talking with Jill and Seth about previous inhabitants of the old farmhouse, Uncle Jake recalled that Catherine's Uncle Levi, her father's brother, had stayed with them awhile but had a drinking problem. He made Catherine and her mother Naomi very uncomfortable, following them around the house and making crude remarks at every turn.
One night an intoxicated Levi had put his arms around Naomi as she was cooking supper, enraging Catherine's father, who threw him out of the house and told him never to return.  The next morning they found his body a short distance from the farmhouse where he had apparently stumbled and fallen, smashing his head against a large rock.  Catherine's father, still angry, had declared that he was better off dead.   
Uncle Jake wondered aloud if Levi's unsettled spirit could be causing the disturbance in the cellar, and on a cloudy, moonless night he headed down the stairs with Jill and Seth, determined to find out.
(To be continued) 
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Thankful Thoughts - January 18, 2017

I am thankful for the bright blue skies and sunshine I am greeted with most mornings.  On gray, cloudy days, I tend to feel dreary and unmotivated.  The blue sky canopy always seems so big here because the land is so flat.  Sunshine makes me smile.  (Until we reach 100 degree days in summer, but that's another story :-)

Thankful Thoughts - January 17, 2017

I am thankful that whenever I am struggling with something I know that I am not left to handle it on my own.  God is always with me.  Faith guides me, faith sustains me, faith gives me hope and brings me to a place of peace.

Thankful Thoughts - January 16, 2017

I am thankful for little luxuries like the icemaker in our fridge.  I make iced tea daily and use a lot of ice to cool the pitcher down quickly.  I remember the days of refilling metal ice trays for the freezer, dripping as they were carried across the floor from the sink, and my mom rationing the cubes until more had time to freeze.  We take things like icemakers for granted while there are places in this country where people can't even get a glass of water from the faucet that's safe to drink. 

Thankful Thoughts - January 15, 2017

I am thankful for the fun of sharing a little friendly sports team competition with family. Papa Bear is of course a fan of both Texas football teams - the Cowboys and the Texans.  My son has always been a Patriots fan.  My sister's family and my niece in the Midwest are Vikings fans.  There is a lot of friendly text banter going back and forth on game days.  After the Cowboy's defeat tonight, only the Patriots are still contenders for the Super Bowl, so we'll all be cheering for them in their game against the Steelers next weekend.

Thankful Thoughts - January 14, 2017

I am thankful for friends I can be real with and who are real with me.  Not every day can be a great one, we celebrate those, but we also need to be able to share the times that are hard, the times we need someone to listen and care.  I value real relationships and the trust that fuels them.

Thankful Thoughts - January 13, 2017

I am thankful for sweet memories of childhood and the things my mother did to care for us.  I am still enduring the miseries of a cold, and pretty much took it easy today.  I made myself a cup of hot tea with honey and some cinnamon/sugar toast, just as my mother did when we were sick as children. It was as much about comfort as being hungry.  I'm sure that my mother was watching me and smiling.

Thankful Thoughts - Janauary 12, 2017

I am thankful for realizing that there is no possession I own which is as valuable as the people who are part of my life. I like my things, especially my electronics, as much as the next person, but I would give them away in a moment if doing so could somehow end the suffering of people I love who are dealing with so much pain.  Things come and go in our lives, nothing lasts forever except love, which is God's gift to us.