Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thankful Thoughts - 11/29/15

1)  Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, and I find it sadly ironic that so many people have turned their focus to how early the stores will open for "Black Friday" shopping.  Black indeed... very dark, bringing out the worst in the never-ending quest to acquire more stuff.  Let met just use that as the preface to say that I am very, very thankful that there is nothing I wanted or needed that badly, and was quite happy to stay home and enjoy Thanksgiving Day and evening with Papa Bear.

2)  Although I haven't participated in Ten Things of Thankful often lately, that doesn't mean that I'm not ever-mindful of my many blessings, and I'm thankful that I've learned to began and end each day with those thoughts in mind, just as it says in the illustration above.  My "thank yous" are so big that it makes my reasons to grumble seem pretty small.

3)  Always, always at the top of my gratitude list, wether spoken or unspoken, is my beloved Papa Bear.  I really can't imagine my life without him now.  We were blessed this week to have Thursday, Saturday and Sunday off to share together.  It's  been low-key, relaxing, and very nice, despite the gloomy gray weather outside.

4)  Speaking of the weather, I am so very grateful that we have not had any winter weather yet in the frozen sense of the word.  It has dipped into the low thirties a few times, but not enough to leave us with frozen roads to drive on, or frozen walkways to slip n' slide on, my two biggest fears.  Spring comes early here, so it will be a shorter winter than usual, and I am grateful.  I will be so very relieved if it turns out to be nothing like the ice storms we experienced last year. 

5)  I am thankful for the soft warm flannel sheets that I put on our bed yesterday for the first time this season.  Winter and flannel sheets go together, and bring back good childhood memories too.

6)  I am thankful for the decision my son made this year to sell his house in Clarksville, Tennessee and move to downtown Nashville, despite the longer commute to work.  He is so much happier now, as there is always something to do in Nashville and more friends to hang out with. He now lives less than thirty minutes from his sister too, so they can get together more often.

7)  I am both thankful and relieved that my daughter finally found the courage to end the five year relationship she's been in which was proving to be unhealthy and unhappy for both of them.  It is true that a mother is never happier than her saddest child.

8)  I am grateful beyond measure for the three new coworkers I've acquired in the past six months.  We all get along so well and make an awesome team.  This came as such a blessing after many weeks of struggling with just one coworker in a nearly futile attempt to try to cover all bases.

9)  I am thankful everyday for the four furry felines who are an endless source of laughter, entertainment, affection, and floating cat hair in the air and on every surface.  They are worth it, they are family!

10) Last but never least, I am forever grateful for online friends who have become like family.  My days would be so much less without you, I am truly blessed with the wonderful people I've come to know here!  My plan is to make a concerted effort to post more frequently in the coming months and to get around to comment more too, God willing.

Have an awesome week ahead, and please remember to make this December the season of love above all else!
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

No Place Like Home

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In sixty one years of life I've called thirty-seven different apartments and houses home.  Some of them have been very nice, and others not so nice, but what I've learned over the years is that it's not the home itself that matters, but the love that resides there.  You can have the most beautiful home imaginable, but if you feel unloved and unwanted when you are there, it's a miserable place to be.  Conversely, a small, simple dwelling can be the best of homes if  you share it with someone you love. 

 I've lived in houses that truly felt like I was living in hell because of what was occurring there at the time, and instead of waiting eagerly for Friday and the weekend, I would dread it because it meant being at home with someone who made my life miserable.  I've also lived in places by myself that were cozy but lonely for the lack of companionship or company. 

For the past seven and a half years I've lived in a simple manufactured home, now located in a rural area about sixteen miles from the city where we work, and although not luxurious or fancy, it's been by far the best home I've ever had because I share it with the most wonderful man imaginable.  His love for me, his friendship, laughter, caring, support and encouragement, makes home the place I want to be and eagerly wait for the end of the workday and work week  to be.  When we are at home Papa Bear and I almost always together, preferring each other's company and the company of our four fur kids to being with anyone else, anywhere.

I don't know what the future holds, or if we will be in this house for the rest of our lives, we dream about moving someplace greener  someday.  But no matter where we live, or what kind of house we have, I know it will be just fine because sharing it with my beloved Papa Bear will make it home.
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"A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul."

-Phillip Moffitt

Thursday, November 26, 2015

She Looks Good

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"She looks good for her age."  How many times have you heard someone say that?  Either she looks good or she doesn't, what's age got to do with it?  Why have women bought into that "gotta look young forever" mentality, desperately seeking the fountain of youth? 
The way I see it, by the time we've reached sixty we've lived three-quarters of our lives, and anything past eighty is frosting on the cake.  So what's wrong with embracing our image no matter what stage we're at, be it twenty, forty, sixty or eighty?

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fear Divides Us

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I have never seen so many self-proclaimed Christians preaching the gospel of hate as in recent days, and it sickens me.  I am thinking maybe they've misread The Book.  It makes me even sadder when I see friends and family members promoting these messages of hate.  I wonder if they are even thinking about what they share, or are just going along with what they've heard and seen, with what is currently politically correct.  Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds hatred, and hatred breeds violence.  There are so many things we share that unite us, yet we let our fear of what we don't understand divide us; open hearts and minds can change that.
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Left Turn Lucy

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Lucy had always felt like an outsider, even with her own family.  The middle child, her approach to life was so different from that of her two sisters that she sometimes wondered if she was adopted.  Being the only lefty in the family and prone to taking the road less traveled, her sisters jokingly referred to her as "Left Turn Lucy" signifying that she never did the right thing, at least in their eyes.  She had to admit that that her choices more often led to things going wrong than working out as she had planned.

Now Lucy was faced with the choice of her life and wasn't sure which way to go, whether to run off with Luke and follow him on the rodeo circuit where he dreamed of becoming World Champion one day, or take the safe route and settle down with Matthew and the marriage proposal and small town way of life that he had offered her.  For weeks Lucy had wrestled with the tough decision and she knew the time had come to choose a direction, she reached down for her bag and headed out the door.
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Close The Door
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"Close the door, Dear."

Robyn heard her grandmother's voice so distinctly that it almost took her breath away.  She had stopped by her grandparent's old farmhouse, now vacant, on her way to the nursing home to visit her ailing grandfather. 

Easily locating the front door key in it's hiding place above the window frame, Robyn had opened the door and stepped inside, almost expecting to find her grandmother standing at the kitchen table kneading bread dough or frosting cookies. 

She'd left the door hanging open behind her, only planning to stay a few minutes to have a look around at the rooms filled with memories of summers spent there when she was young.

Sitting down on the dusty old sofa in the parlor she heard the gentle laughter of the grandma she loved dearly and she couldn't help but smile; Grandma had passed away seven years ago, but clearly she had come to join her for a visit today.

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Getting Closer

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One by one I've toppled them, the glass dominoes of relationships past. Covered over by forgiveness, their jagged edges are no longer able to cut at my heart. While the lessons remain clear in my memory, I am detached and at long last able to view them objectively. I've made peace with my past for the most part, anger and resentment cast aside; but one domino still stands for me to deal with, an ugly mix of muddy colors and rage. I'm not quite to the place of forgiving when it comes to that one, but I know I must. I feel like I am finally getting closer.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Shawl

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Wrapped in a warm woven shawl
In the chill of early morning
I feel the familiar comfort
Of soft folds draped around me
And realize that long ago
In another lifetime maybe
I must have worn one daily

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Refusal

"No, no, no... you are not going to drag me into another one of your stupid wars," Bonnie texted to her sisters, fingers tapping angrily on the touchscreen alphabet of her phone. As the middle child, she had spent most of her life being the peacemaker between her two sisters.

 For the past couple of years things had gone more smoothly between them, but here they were once again, engaged in in a war of words and hurt feelings that mushroomed into an ugly drama with both sides attempting to secure Bonnie's allegiance. She couldn't believe that these two women, both in their sixties, were this angry with each other over one stating that the other had "issues" and the other one not stopping by to visit when she was in town. 

"Can't you just talk it out and then let it go," Bonnie pleaded to two sets of deaf ears, "forgive and forget and move on?"

Realizing that they fully intended to continue their verbal warfare, Bonnie decided to set personal boundaries that would keep her out of the fray, so she notified both sisters that she would no longer allow either of them to tell her something negative about the other, thereby refusing to be a party to their conflicts ever again.
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Daughter of the Moon

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Larissa had been different from birth, a child who preferred to be by herself, keeping company with imaginary friends.  As she grew older she was often mocked for her steadfast belief in fairies and dragons, and magical places; yet it never seemed to trouble her much that others didn't see life as she did.  In fact, she felt a bit sorry for them, realizing that they were so stuck in their rigid beliefs that their hearts held no space for anything that strayed from the black and white lines of logic.

Larissa knew that the world was filled with secrets waiting to be discovered, and often night time would find her wandering outside, communing with the moon and listening to the wisdom of spirit creatures who came to visit her in many forms.  Entranced by a dragon fly which seemed to glow with its own light, she felt no fear as she followed it deep into the woods near her home late one evening.  Hearing faint strains of music and laughter, she soon found herself in the midst of a campfire gathering of wee elves and fairies eagerly waiting to crown her as their queen.
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